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The only temple that matters can be found within yourself

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Since I was little I connected with God, in 2002 I held conferences preaching and healing channeling with the spirit of God, many homes were healed, I created great spiritual leaders who opened churches in Mexico for street youth. In 2008 I became a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Healer  and these 12 years that I have been doing these therapies, I have seen the transformation in people, closing painful chapters and opening new chapters full of hope.

I have continued this path with holistic workshops that have taken me to sacred dimensions.

Pilar del Carpio

Hypnotherapist and Reiki healer




$55 x 8 sesions

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This yoga club was created to make you feel relax, to nurture your soul, and to build your body, all together.

You will discover the benefits of having a healthy body. Every pose will help you to reach that goal, all the breathing will help you to relax your mind, and that beautiful energy will help you to enjoy your soul.

12 years of practicing yoga have helped me to be more focused, keep my body healthy and be connected with my own existence.

My objective is for you to see the before and after. I use meditation techniques to cleanse your aura with ancient movements, poses that will align yourself to your highest purpose, and for you to experience the beauty of a friendly club like no other. Our classes are on Tuesday and Thursdays from 8pm to 9pm. We have 2 meditations per months as a bonus. Come and join us.



This practice is so profound that it goes right to the point that needs to be healed, amended and freed. There is a promise of self-transformation: the practice itself help you to align yourself with your mind and soul and make it one. It can take you back in time and solve unresolved problems from the past, giving you the freedom of mind that you deserve. You can contact your highest masters or beloved ones that are not here with us anymore. I have seen many transformations and phenomenal results. Sometimes it takes a soul to jump into the unknown to be in the known and fulfilled their lives with purpose and happiness.

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This is a beautiful therapy, where you will find answers to your questions, and if you are looking to unravel all the knots that life itself created in your mind and body, Reiki can do that and more. This practice helps the person to relax, feel energize and receive a life map that leads you to your life purpose. It will gift you with hope, understanding and healing.


Through this practice I channel highest dimensions and heal areas of your life that were forgotten but block your energy.

You will see the benefits of this therapy in your own life through the decisions you will make based on confidence and determination.

All the messages I receive, I will give it to you, and guide you to apply it in your life. You will be a new you, and with that wholeness your life will make more sense. Come and reserve your space.



Being a business owner for 10 years and in the logistics field for 17 years, I have learned how to manage cargo overseas, be on top of the global regulations, and prepare shipping documents. I will add the essentials needed to provide a quality service including excellent customer service.

You will become a professional in the international commerce field, you will learn how to manage cargo by inland, air and ocean. This seminar last 5 weeks, 2 hours per week, there will be workshops, homework, you will practice real situations, and manage the cargo from A to Z. if you are a business owner and need to trained your logistic team, come a reserve this seminar that is good up to 10 participants per company. You will also obtain a copy of the whole seminar for follow ups with your employees, or review terms, process and executions.



Being in sales for the last 30 years, it helped me to built confidence, respect and knowledge. We all know that sales is the heart of every company. I understand the importance of preparing the sales force, and inject positive attitude when you are in front of a future customer. First I help you to believe in yourself, to have more confidence in you. I have prepared this  program of 5 weeks with 2 hours per week, where includes workshops, real situations, problems solving, objections and more. I can guarantee you be the top team in your field. Come and book this seminar.

Believe so deeply until it manifests for you

I will help you to manifest wonders that you have never experienced before

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Carolina Borbore

Since I saw one of your presentations Pilar, I felt a strong call to receive your therapy. It was the best decision I could ever make.

I came to your therapy without expectations and everything happened like it was already programmed. You welcomed me with so much love, and it made me felt that I was in a different dimension.

I have had a beautiful encounter that I couldn’t even imagine, I talked to my grandma that I love so much. Thank you for your love, your connection and your beautiful words all the time.

You are unique and wiser. You have a gift and it is so big as your humbleness. Humbleness that only great masters can have.

I give you a big hug with all my soul. Thank you forever.

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Denysse Marrow

I am feeling super grateful with God and with life for putting such an angel in my way. Pilar! Thanks to her help, and her spiritual guidance, I was able to get rid of many episodes from my past, and it helped me to grow in my spiritual path. Day after day I can see the way I came so far, and feel confident about myself, feeling the need to keep moving forward, and keep on climbing and discover all the light that is within me. Today I can say that I am ready to fly really high. Thank you my friend, you are a blessing to my life.


Melissa García

I am very grateful to have met Pilar. My first experience with her was taking online yoga classes at the beginning of the COVID lockdown. I was looking for a healthy way to pass the days during a stressful time for all of us. Pilar's calming voice, aura, and positive energy could be felt even through computer screen. She incorporates various spritual teachings and poses, while keeping the class interesting and motivating. It's more than just yoga..her classes are a way to keep a positive mindset along with a healthy body. Pilar believes everything is interconnected and maintaining a balance in life is of utmost importance. She will encourage you to set your intentions and think of ways to keep this balance in your life, as well as share  suggestions based on her training and experience. I feel I have grown a lot in mind and body working with Pilar these past few months beyond the yoga. She is very easy to talk to and becomes a trusted friend you can confide in to show you different perspectives to reach goals. Self-empowerment and believing in yourself is central to her way of being. She is true and genuine in her intentions as a healer and a helper. I would highly recommend her if you're on a path of spiritual enrichment as Pilar will add to your growth by providing her heartfelt support and guidance.

Therapies and Soul

  • Transformation, Confidence, and Self-Love

    1 hr
    125 US dollars
  • The wonders of healing your life

    1 hr
    100 US dollars
  • Discover the benefits of a healthy body, mind and soul simultaneously.

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri1 hr
    $55 monthly
  • Become the most confident salesperson in your field

    650 US dollars

    650 US dollars